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FaithConnector Church Websites

FaithConnector church websites are beautiful, feature-packed websites that cost as little as $54/month. FaithConnector is a premiere church web designer. We keep professional church website designers on staff. We want to be the most affordable way for ministries to get the highest-quality church web design, application and content management system (CMS). We're a Christian company, and FaithConnector is our core product. We've built our system for churches and ministries right from the beginning.

The Short Story
You may or may not know that in your average community, people looking for a church are checking out local church websites first. If they don't find your church, those potential visitors may not drop in for a visit. If they do find your church, are they impressed with the website design enough to visit? It really boils down to a quality experience and quality design in so many cases. We certainly can help you make that impression with intelligent design...and go well beyond that. 

While first impressions are important, that's not where you want to end the experience with your website visitors. Your website is too valuable a tool to simply be used for a brief marketing encounter. Take advantage of your website to help keep your members connected between Sundays. Each of our plans includes the social applications to help your church or ministry do that, and more are on the way.

Aside from all of that, you and/or your volunteers have to be able to maintain the website easily. All of our websites include our easy-to-use church content management system (CMS) to which we've given the exciting name "The Site Manager". With our CMS, it will not matter whether you have a web programmer, volunteer or staff member. Anyone you permit will be able to manage your content. If someone leaves, another can step in and take over with minimal learning curve, and we're always here too! It's definitely the way to go in a church or ministry environment that normally relies on ever-changing volunteers. You'll never have to rebuild your website when your guru volunteer leaves.

You want the impact of beautiful church website design, but you may not want to spend your entire communications budget on your website...and you don't need to. Even without spending a lot of money, you can give your online ministry the respect it deserves and the features to keep visitors AND members connected all week long. Let us help you make that great first impression. You can choose a customized, pre-made church website design from our library, or go unique all the way with a custom church or ministry website design. Either way, you're getting a lot of quality design very affordably.

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